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Hi... I'm Soumyajit Basu


"I’d rather be a failure at something I love than a success at something I hate." – George Burns


I would rather describe myself as a technology enthusiast in his alpha phase. I am an 'Open Source' enthusiast, why? because it gives you the mobility to play with the technology :) I love talking technology and do enjoy sharing and gathering knowledge on technology. I love chai and coffee both, and you would always find me with a cup of any one of them every time.


"I love the colour black and that's why I am attracted to the black looking terminal which everyone despises" :P - just quoting it sarcastically.


I also have a full-time job! I work as a 'QADeveloper' at 'Datalicious' and currently, I am based out of Bangalore.


Being an open source enthusiast I love researching and involving with open source tech, help other people getting on-boarded with the technologies.


I try contributing to technology as well and take immense interest in 'Open Source' technologies as well as try contributing to 'Open Source' platforms.


I am a lad from West Bengal, Kolkata and I have completed my masters from Symbiosis Institute of Computer Studies and Research located in Pune and is affiliated with Symbiosis International University. Apart from being a tech guy, I love cooking, traveling with my mom dad and hanging out with friends.


I am a writer at my own blog platform. Do check out my blogs. I am also an 'Article Contributor' / 'Research Guide Contributor' for Dzone and WebCodeGeeks.

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